Virus and Antivirus

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Virus and Antivirus

Virus and Antivirus

Remove virus is becoming more complicated. These programs are becoming more sophisticated. A virus can:

Update it self from the Internet. So it is best suited to your system vulnerabilities.
Hide it’s presence so that it is more complicated to detect it. Take advantage of weaknesses in your operating system to do this.
Download more virus. It is not uncommon that you finish with dozens of them once you have been infected.
They attack to antivirus leaving you defenseless programmed them. They get that they do not work in the way they have to operate.

To complicate matters a bit further:

Information about the weaknesses of operating systems are distributed over the Internet in a matter of hours.
The same happens with any vulnerability of the antivirus, then it is easier to attack them.
It is easy to learn how to program a virus using the Internet.

How to remove them?

Luckily we have at our disposal but disinfected tools you have to use them properly. If your antivirus has stopped working or you think that you may be infected try the following method.

What tools do you need?

Go to the following page and start downloading as you see in the image:

Kaspersky Rescue CD

In this case Kaspersky offers a bootable CD to cleanse our system. Although the same company indicates that it can be used for systems that do not start the truth is that you can use it whenever you need it.

The benefits you get by using a bootable with its own operating system CD:

No reboot is infected the virus it will not be in memory and can not hide.
You have access to any file on your system.
You do not need to disable the system restore, since this can access these files also.

You must update the antivirus before scanning your system. In this way the programm will have the latest definitions and will be much more effective. This step is essential and you should always have it done.