Improve PC performance

Improve PC performance

Improve PC performance

Improving the performance of your PC does not need to be complicated. Don’t worry if you have a machine that works slowler every day read the following article.

As a first step you must correctly identify the problems. This is very important since it allows you to use the appropriate action to fix it, and thus save you money. Nothing will help you even if you have a new hard drive, for example, if the component already worked properly.

Another key factor to take into account is the use that you give to the machine. For example, if you are going to play games with it, it is essential to have a premium graphics card.

Anyway, if you think that your computer is outdated and that it is not for good for nothing you can still use it for spare parts. If you leave it at a corner it only ends up spoiling. If your idea is to buy a new PC you can check googgle search for settings recommended for games, video and photography, or for use as a PC to access the Internet and work in the office.

Follow step by step. You may only need to make a couple of them or follow them all out.

Remove the startup programs. We must do this because that unfortunately many applications start in Windows startup and they are not useful and slow down the entire system. I would do it even if your PC runs a motorbike.

You will notice that the machine gets slower every day.
Get a good antivirus. Current viruses are very sophisticated. Many of them have the ability to hide itself without problems to the anti-virus solutions. Luckily, there is a way to detect them and is using a startup disk. In this way the antivirus is loaded into memory before any malicious program.

Symptoms of virus infection include browsers that show only advertising, pop-up windows, etc.

Update Windows. Never forget to update Windows. This is not only critical for the security but it affects the speed of the entire system. The software manufacturer uses these reviews to plug security holes and improve the performance. So do not hesitate and to updated your system.
Uninstall unnecessary programs. Many programs installed as we said previously load at the beginning of windowss. Others fill in your registration data, others are so large that they prevent to operate the system properly. This problem is so severe that they can do to a machine of last generation looks like a potato. So do not hesitate to uninstall everything that you are not going to use.
Update drivers. The manufacturers of all the elements that make up your PC, such as the graphics card, chipset, etc., are responsible for creating the drivers for it to work. This are no more than small little programs that allow the operating system to interact with them.
Add RAM. We turn to solutions that involve adding elements to your system. We are already talking about spending money and therefore you have to be more cautious.

A machine that RAM lacks and is very slow especially if you like to open many tools at the same time or work with complex data. You’ll notice it by that occasionally blocks, that it is stopped. Don’t forget that any software update you need more RAM.
Add hard disk ssd. SSD hard drives have brought us a small revolution. In this case we are talking about improvements of two to three times the speed with respect to conventional hard drives. But his biggest advantage lies not only in this. If you access multiple data are much better than any previous generation device.

A hard disk SSD can give a second life to any equipment that you thought that you were not going to reuse. Especially indicated for laptops and notebooks.

Upgrade graphics card. The most important element of a machine that is used to play is the graphics card. Update it especially if your PC has already a few years it can give the machine a new life.

This element is increasingly capable of accelerating a greater amount of utilities including pictures and video, editing movies coding, creating three-dimensional images.

If you’re going to use to play games you should replace it at least once per year or every two as much. You can even consider having more than one inside your PC is what are known as SLI or Crossfire configurations.
Configure RAID. We turn to more serious things. RAID technology in all its variations is based on using multiple hard drives to improve the speed and resistance to errors.

Specifically what makes this technique is to split the files into the number of disks you have with which you can write and read much more quickly. In certain configurations some of the disks is used to be able to retrieve information in case of failures.

Nearly all current computers allow this type of configurations.