Good posture in front your PC

Maintain a good position when working at the computer is essential, since if we sat in an improper Chair, or locate a monitor, keyboard or mouse incorrectly, for example, we run the risk of our concentration and with it productivity, as well as submit to an extra muscle load that ultimately will be the cause harm to our body, aches and fatigue , and it does not allow us to enjoy the life that exists beyond the working hours.

All these problems, and their solutions, are covered in a discipline called “Ergonomics”, which is in charge of developing the conditions and positions in which the worker must be to achieve a good performance, in addition to feel comfortable, safe and rested. But as in most of the jobs of today these techniques are not implemented, and thus neither the Freelance worker has them in mind, in this article we will find some guidelines in order to maintain our body away from poor posture and vices, which may later even a become chronic ailments. If we follow steps that are shown here, with the passage of time we will be noticing as our muscles and brain say thank you.

The positions we should take on the job

One of the first things we must do is to try to maintain good posture when we are in front of the keyboard. Firts thing is that we get a good Chair with support that will allow us to support the back comfortably.

It is also important that the feet are always supported on the floor or on a suitable support, since this allows us to reduce muscle tension affecting the back.
Another thing we must do is bend or lean neck or torso, since this produces a muscular tension that inevitably ends in pain. So what we tend to use more frequently things that are located to the right of us.

The position of the shoulders and elbows also plays a role between being tired and not. For this reason we must keep them shoulders relaxed and your elbows close to your body. Also a good idea to try to not support the latter on the artboard, or if not possible, locate any material that cushions the contact between the elbows and the surface.

The positions we should take on the job

The positions we should take on the job

Another consideration to keep in mind is the position of the forearms. To get a good position, they must be aligned at an angle of approximately 110°. To do this, our keyboard must be always positioned with the back of it, i.e. the part facing the monitor, steeper.

Writs must also have an appropriate work setting, and it is for this reason that writing must be positioned in a straight line, which will relax our muscles, allowing a better workflow.

If we want to reduce tension in our body, it is best to avoid remain in the same position for long periods. It is also useful to keep fingers and joints relaxed when we write, especially in long texts.

Our eyes should always be the first thing that we must take care, since they depend on not only our work, but the whole life. In that sense, a maladjusted monitor can become a nightmare, and is for this reason that we must take the time needed to adjust it accordingly. We must also pay attention to the light that is reflected on it, avoiding what can any reflection of windows and light sources.

The pace of work we must follow

While in the times that run every minute is worth, the truth is that our health and well-being are worth much more anything else, and is for this reason that we must put into practice certain techniques and advice with which we will keep you in shape and laid off to be able to enjoy life in fullness.

One of the first practices we implement is to take small breaks during the workday. Always short, these “breaks” can be 1-2 minutes every 20 or up to 5 minutes for every hour.

It is also very good to implement some kind of physical exercise obviously reduced and that can be done in small areas, which will help us to keep us in shape and ensure good blood supply to all the organs of our body. The ideal exercises for this purpose are yoga and aerobics.

Comfort at work
Without a doubt, the disorder in our work area is one of the conditions that causes us to lose more time, and so that everything you need such as the agenda, phone, pencils, pens and other items should always be within the reach of our hands.
In the event that your keyboard does not have sufficient inclination to be comfortable, we can use a support, which will help us to find the correct position.
good posture

good posture

Another guideline that we should bear in mind is to customize the appearance of the software to match the conditions of the environment of work and our specific needs. In this play one role more important than font and its size, the speed of the mouse pointer and the colors of the windows and wallpaper. Fortunately, this is easy to modify in any operating system that we use.

Also very important is to reduce the number of repetitive motions that we do with the mouse or the keyboard, since it will dramatically reduce the tiredness of our muscles. For this purpose the best alternative that we have available is to use combinations with keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys.

With respect to the keyboard, there are many studies that showed that the majority of PC users to print much more strongly in the keys on the keyboard which should, which leads to greater muscle fatigue. Then a good idea also to try to decrease this force and pressing the buttons slower.

good posture in front of pc

good posture in front of pc