Dirty PC, is there a solution?

dirty computer

dirty computer

You may not know this, but one of the biggest threats to your computer is the dust and dirt. This accumulates in the ventilation slots and prevents the cold between the PC and the hot air. As it cannot be otherwise this causes the temperature to rise causing irreparable damage. Perhaps this is the cause of most problems who suffer the teams and it stop working from the six years of operation.


Remember that not all types of PC are the same. An all in one which is difficult to open is not the same as a form of Tower computer. More the little more complication when it comes to certain tasks of cleaning and maintenance.

Luckily avoiding the accumulation of dust and dirt is a fairly simple task since you only have to follow a few simple steps to keep your PC clean:

Clean it from time to time. Especially using the proper tools. The best thing is using compressed air in its interior, sold in small cans. If you’re something of a handyman you can even consider dismantling the fans.

If you do not have compressed air don’t you worry use a brush and try to collect the maximum possible of dust with a vacuum cleaner.

Check that all the fans are working. A fan stopped is a serious problem. Of course the excess dirt can do that and they will not work properly.
Checking it can take very little minutes. There are even tools like SpeedFan software able to inform you of temperature and rotational speed of the fans.

Use air filters. They serve to prevent dust and other substances from entering the inside of the computer. Be careful to use the appropriate ones.

Don’t le it on the ground. Dust is usually concentrated in the lower parts of your House. It does not cost you nothing to put your pc in hihger places and avoid all that dirt.

Don’t smoke around it. Have the room as clean as possible from dust. You can even lose your equipment warranty if the company detects that it has spoiled due to tobacco.

It’s easier than you think to know if your PC has been spoiled by water dropped or because it was near to the smoke.

Beware of moisture. This is one of the most serious problems that you can face. Moisture can lead even to the formation and proliferation of fungus in its interior.

If this happens to you, one of the best way to clean all the equipment is with alcohol since it evaporates easily and leaves no residue. Never use water.

Be careful of the air conditioners or heaters. Unfortunately, any system that uses air vents tends to be an accumulator of dust, bacteria and fungus.

If your PC is just near to one of the outputs of ventilation it is possible to accumulate all this bacteria until the pc stops running.

It may seem exaggerated but in notebooks and laptops with certain age what fails them is the internal fan and therefore follow the steps above.