5 reasons why your PC is slow, and the solutions



A PC can be slow for many reasons and not for this reason we must throw it away.Here we review five reasons because they can do that a PC does not work properlywith its solutions:

Problems with the operating system. Sometimes the PCs, it seems they areincreasingly slower over time. This is usually since we have installed any program orapplication that stifles the team.

In this case the solution usually come formatting them.All programs are deleted in this way and cleans the system completely. If this does not solve your problems of performance, keep reading.

Lack of memory.
The RAM is the one in which there are operations on the data, i.e. is a working memory. If this memory is too small you can have problems in dealing with many applications or data at the same time. A simple way to know if you have lack of memory is if the team goes to jumps and disk hard not to ignite.
This latter occurs because modern operating systems use a technique called virtual memory, which allows to simulate that the hard disk to act as RAM memory. In this way you have more memory for your programs, but you may encounter the problem that you‘re done slowing the system already that the hard disk is slower than RAMIn this case the solution comes from extend RAM memory.
Lack of processor.
Although almost all modern processors are powerful enough to operate without problems more than 80% of applications, the reality is that in certain cases you may be limited by this device that finally and within it is the brain of the system.
You have a little powerful processor and have little RAM can be confused, the way of knowing if you need a better micro is by watching the system and if you are leaps but can’t you see the hard working then is this device.In this case the solution is to change the processor but it may be that for some systems this is impossible and you will not be another option that buying a new computer.
Outdated graphics card.
With the graphics card you can get something similar to the processor, especially if you do use the PC to play or type AutoCAD applications. If the card is out of date you can even have problems opening newer games.
The solution comes as in the two previous cases to buy a new graphics card.
Slow hard disk.
If something has taught us new discs SSD is a bottleneck in any of the items may lead to a system to look like a turtle. These not only disks are several times faster disks normal when we speak of sequential readings but you can find improvements of tens to hundreds of times in the case of random reads and writes that are more usually give PCs.
If you notice that your computer is slow, especially at the start, what you should do is buy a SSD and mounted it to a new operating system. I promise that you will notice as the entire system flies.